Juniors Classes

Our children's classes have four to six black belt instructors on the floor in each and every class.

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A-Class training facility

Newcastle Karate is a full time martial arts studio with over 500m2 in training space which is completely matted out with high quality training mats for optimum safety.

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Ladies kickboxing

The class program changes every week to keep you on your toes but at the same time develops some really useful skills such as self defence and self defence awareness.

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Parents, you'll love it too!

"I just wanted to take a moment to say how much my son, Thomas, and I are enjoying training at Newcastle Karate!"

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Function before fantasy

Real skills that have been pressured tested so you can be sure you what your learning is an effective form of fighting. All practicing in respected friendly environment.

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A home for everyone

The centre is family orientated, community focused training centre where everyone is looked after and everyone has a place.

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After training in another style for 9 years, I'm so glad I changed over to Newcastle karate, it's such an inviting environment with amazing people to help push you to your next grade and get an amazing training session out in each class. I have never been in a dojo where it's like a little family, everyone just gets along so well and helps each other out. There are an amazing range of black belts in the class ,were in most styles you only get one per class! Sensei Marc is definitely a great teacher and helps push everyone where it's needed, and gain great self defence and fighting spirt. Definitely recommend this places for children and adults.



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