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Newcastle Karate is a fantastic dojo. The facilty is great with lots of mat space and plenty of heavy bags. The instructors are all amazing, a wealth of knowledge between them. I look forward to many years of training with this great team.



How Can We Help You?

Get Ready To Harness The Positive Impacts Of
Martial Arts Training

If you want to improve your fitness and learn valuable self-defence techniques, then Newcastle Karate’s experienced coaches can guide you through your journey with designed programs, held in an A-Class training facility.

Newcastle Karate strives to provide you with a rewarding experience when you choose to train with us.

Here’s What We Can Offer You and Your Family:

  • A Home For Everyone

Everyone is welcomed to our family orientated and community-focused training centre. Our centre and everyone in it, are accepting of each other’s skill level and personalities.

  • A-Class Training Facility

We ensure optimum safety at Newcastle Karate. That’s why our 500m2 training facility is completely matted-out with high quality training mats and our equipment is new and of high-quality.

  • Functional & Practical Skills

Newcastle Karate delivers a functional program with defensive applications against the various “Habitual Acts of Physical Violence.” Programs are application based and functional unrestricted by rule-bound competition. Skills taught have been pressured tested so you can be sure that what you learn is an effective form of self-defence. We practice in a respected and friendly environment.

  • Train With Qualified And Experienced Instructors

We are a Black Belt Martial Arts Centre with the lead instructors having over 150 years combined martial arts experience.

  • Focused Instruction

The class size rarely exceeds 20 students per class, and unlike a lot of martial arts schools where you can easily get lost in the crowd, each student at Newcastle Karate receives focused instruction by the senior instructors teaching in the class.

  • Martial Arts Classes Focusing On Student Outcomes

Many martial arts schools have a “McDonald’s style” commercialised focus, putting business and profits before the student outcomes. Our focus is your focus! We set out to assist you in achieving your goals as a parent or student.

  • Application Based Curriculum

Newcastle Karate practice an application based curriculum. Methods taught are kicking, punching, strangulation, choking, joint locking, grappling and pressure point manipulation. A systematized way of teaching for children and adults, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honouring both the culture from which it came and the masters who pioneered its practice.

  • Engaging Classes

You will not get bored with rule-bound practices, inflexible rituals and the repetitive nature of the reverse punch point scoring arena. Newcastle Karate can teach you the original and more functional combative application practices in a rational, coherent and systematised manner.

  • Extra Support

Newcastle Karate also offers members online videos and training criteria sheets in assisting each student reach their potential, be it self-defence, flexibility, confidence, coordination, and fitness. Our great supporting family atmosphere is one of the keys to Newcastle Karate’s success.

  • Risk-Free Training & Value For Your Money

Newcastle Karate provides value for your money with our competitive training fees and top-notch martial arts training. No contracts! No risk! Love us or leave us at any time.

  • Recognition of the Previous Ranking

If you have previous rankings in another recognised martial arts discipline and have the supporting documentation, we will recognise your previous training so that you can continue what you have started, no wasted effort and time.

That’s not all. On top of these, while you have a great experience with us, every session is a great physical workout for you.

We are very confident that our school will help you achieve whatever goals you may have in training martial arts.


“At Newcastle Karate, we combine a modern approach with proven methods of martial arts”

At Newcastle Karate, we will work hard to change the lives of every student who walks through our door, in a positive and fulfilling way. Learning martial arts not only teachers’ student’s self-defence techniques but will also empower and provide valuable skills to be successful in life.

Each day that you spend with Newcastle Karate, you will notice:

  • New level of confidence
  • Improved focus & determination
  • More resilience & capability to handle physical, mental and emotional stress
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Impressive self-drive to achieve personal goals and;

That’s not all. New good friendships await you in our welcoming environment.

“So if you are a martial arts enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, work with a great group of people, please come and try a class!”


What Our Martial Arts Students & Parents Are Saying?



I've wanted to join a kickboxing class for a long time but being a bigger woman I was apprehensive. I liked the Newcastle Karate page, read the reviews and watched the video clips and decided to give the two free classes a go. Marc and the ladies were so welcoming. I felt so comfortable. After the second class I was keen to join. Looking forward to continuing on with classes and getting fitter. Ladies’ Kickboxing is the highlight of my week!




Very happy mother

My husband and I had been looking around for a karate class for our son & when we walked into Newcastle Karate not only were we impressed by the size of this venue but we were greeted by Marc with a friendly smile & a lot of great information about his classes & his team We didn't feel any pressure to sign up but by the end of the class & the smile on our son's face we knew this was the place for him , he has just received his next belt & is feeling very special so thank you to Marc & his team for giving Jett just what he needed, I constantly tell all my friends about how good this place is.


Very happy mother



A very professional and excellently run dojo. From the first class Sensei’s to the large mat area, gym and outstanding facilities. Members are very friendly with a great community feel. My son & I highly recommend it for all ages.




I’ve been training in the Ladies’ Kickboxing class for over a year now and have noticed a huge improvement in my fitness and strength. I really enjoy training in such a fun, friendly and welcoming environment with a supportive group of women and fantastic instructors who are constantly encouraging me to improve my skills.




I have been attending the Ladies’ Klickboxing for almost 3 years. What a great way to learn skills, raise fitness and meet new people. All walks of life have come through the doors and become a part of the Newcastle Karate crew. Friendships have been made, confidence levels have grown, and opportunities to diversify to other classes have been offered. I personally loved my time when I trained with my daughter and saw her grow in strength, confidence and self-defence. It brought comfort to me, knowing she had the basics if she ever required it. This comfortable, relaxed setting is what you make of it. I personally have grown so much from coming here, and love nothing more than to let my frustrations out on the pads.




Newcastle Karate is a fantastic dojo. The facilty is great with lots of mat space and plenty of heavy bags. The instructors are all amazing, a wealth of knowledge between them. I look forward to many years of training with this great team.



My son Isaac began the Kids BJJ classes at the start of the year. He is a shy kid and I still remember the way there for his first lesson he said "Dad what if the kids don't like me". As soon as he got there the kids and coaches made him feel comfortable straight away. Isaac plays other sports but he now tells me he would pick bjj over all of them. I would say his behaviour has also improved since he began his classes. He loves it. Not long after I decided to give the Adults BJJ a go and at 41 years I am really enjoying the challenge. It is very family friendly and I cant recommend enough!


Where is Newcastle Karate?

Unit D 77, Munibung Rd., Cardiff, 2285, NSW, Australia

0411 669 669

Open from 4pm Monday to Friday

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