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The Most Practical Way To Turn Your Fitness Activity Into A Life-Saving Skill

A Doable & Useful Karate Program At Newcastle Karate That Gives You Real World Application-Based Self-Defence Skills


Adults Karate Newcastle Karate

With the increasing rates of obesity and diseases caused by unhealthy habits, I know my friend, that our fitness and physical activity is one thing we need to improve our health.

The control to improve your health lies in your hand, but what about the threats of crimes that can do physical harm to you or your loved ones?

With martial arts training like KARATE at Newcastle Karate, you can have both - FITNESS PLUS SELF-DEFENCE SKILLS.


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Newcastle Karate is a fantastic dojo. The facilty is great with lots of mat space and plenty of heavy bags. The instructors are all amazing, a wealth of knowledge between them. I look forward to many years of training with this great team.



Learn Traditional Karate That Is Useful To Modern Real-Life Situations As A Defensive Skill While Keeping Yourself In Great Shape

Learning Karate improves cardiovascular fitness and a general increase in overall stamina. The specific stretching methods allow the student to see a noticeable improvement in flexibility in just a few weeks.

But there’s more to learning Karate.

Time spent with us will be of great use to keep yourself fit and active while you practice and develop techniques that can defend you or your loved ones.

Here at Newcastle Karate, you will get defensive skills that are guaranteed to work in most real-world threatening situations.

Let Me Share With You The Powerful Advantages You'll Gain From Training Karate At Newcastle Karate:

  • Functional & Practical Skills

Newcastle Karate delivers a functional program with defensive applications against the various “Habitual Acts of Physical Violence.” Programs are application based and functional unrestricted by rule-bound competition. Skills taught have been pressured tested so you can be sure that what you learn is an effective form of self-defence. We practice in a respected and friendly environment.

  • Extra Support

Newcastle Karate also offers members online videos and training criteria sheets in assisting each student reach their potential, be it self-defence, flexibility, confidence, coordination, and fitness. Our great supporting family atmosphere is one of the keys to Newcastle Karate’s success.

  • Recognition of the Previous Ranking

If you have previous rankings in another recognised martial arts discipline and have the supporting documentation, we will recognise your previous training so that you can continue what you have started, no wasted effort and time.

  • Application Based Curriculum

Newcastle Karate practice an application based curriculum. Methods taught are kicking, punching, strangulation, choking, joint locking, grappling and pressure point manipulation. A systematized way of teaching for children and adults, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honouring both the culture from which it came and the masters who pioneered its practice.

  • Foundation Training

Foundation training is a repetition of individual punching and kicking techniques. It develops the correct foundation technique quickly. Proper form achieves power and speed. Without a solid foundation at the start of your training, it’s impossible to build an all round martial artist.

  • Solo Drills

The combination of specific punching and kicking drills trains the mind and body to remember a sequenced combination of effective techniques automatically. These drill sets develop muscle memory of particular combinations, targeted at the vulnerable areas of the human body.

  • Impact Training

Through the use of kick shields, Thai pads and focus mitts, students learn to develop ultimate power and speed while feeling the realism of impacting an opponent. Impact training is a significant component to our program at Newcastle karate and often neglected in most martial arts schools.

  • Two Person Drills

Specific pre-arranged two-person drills develop timing and distancing skills. They also teach the student how to cover up and use evasive movement to move out of danger, while also learning how to bridge the gap and deliver a counter attack. The two-person drills teach more than just punching and kicking; they also incorporate joint locks, strangulations, throws and techniques of restraint, both standing and on the ground.

  • Self-Defence

The school has a solid focus on Habitual Acts of Physical Violence. These common attacks and responses to are drilled in the class to ensure the students have enough confidence to use them, should they ever be in a situation where they have no choice but to defend themselves.


Adults Karate Newcastle Karate Cardiff

Karate trains you to respond to threats, to attack and defend, but they also teach you a lot about your character.
It will teach you to be more patient, become more disciplined, more respectful and more confident.

But there’s more you can get if you join a Karate class at Newcastle Karate.

You’ll get real skills that have been pressured tested so you can be sure you what your learning is an effective form of fighting. All are practising in a respected, friendly environment.

You’ll get a physical hobby that improves your mental state and gives relief to daily stress in life.

You’ll gain new friends and connections who support and encourage you to achieve your goals.

All that is left is for you to take the first step..

Become one of the hundreds of students who already enjoy these life-changing benefits.


Teens & Adults Karate


What Students Are Saying About Our Karate Program?



Newcastle Karate is a fantastic dojo. The facilty is great with lots of mat space and plenty of heavy bags. The instructors are all amazing, a wealth of knowledge between them. I look forward to many years of training with this great team.



Fantastic instructors, very knowledgeable.
Helping to fill in the gaps in my own karate journey

Mal ,

Great dojo with great teachers and an awesome group of people. Training here has boosted my confidence, helped me be more focused and assisted with building strength to avoid those little niggling injuries we all deal with as we get older. Would 100% recommend anyone thinking of trying martial arts to go see sensei mark and his wonderful team at NK.

Corey ,

A very professional and excellently run dojo. From the first class Sensei’s to the large mat area, gym and outstanding facilities. Members are very friendly with a great community feel. Great way to get the kids active and build their confidence at the same time.

Martin ,

Very professional Dojo, Sensei Marc will bring the best out of you resulting in the best you can be, not just in the Dojo. Experience a new direction, respect, courage, friendship and have fun.

Grahame ,

Training for fitness or self defence or to become an expert. Newcastle Karate has it all covered. Always a pleasure to walk through the door and see smiling faces from the dedicated coaching staff and students both young and old. If you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally this is dojo to do it!

Ivan ,

I've been training for many years and just came over to Newcastle Karate. Its friendly and the best functional martial arts I've seen. Sensei's take the time and effort to really make everything work and are really invested in everyone. Totally recommended.

Stuart ,

This is a great dojo for all levels of karate. Challenge yourself to train in a gym with black belts in every class

Jason ,

Where is Newcastle Karate?

Unit D 77, Munibung Rd., Cardiff, 2285, NSW, Australia

0411 669 669

Open from 4pm Monday to Friday

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