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Kids Karate

If you are looking for a fun activity for your child that can help with many facets of child development, then look no further than Newcastle Karate. Your child will receive the attention and the guidance needed to reach their full potential in an age appropriate kids Karate class.

Our kids Karate classes are divided into small groups, delivering a structured and tailored training session to suit each age group, skill level and development stage. This class structure ensures each child is guided through the Newcastle Karate curriculum by trained experienced coaches, whilst gaining confidence, improving social skills, co-ordination, self-control and discipline, in a fun and safe environment.


Kids Karate Newcastle Karate

We have three classes for your consideration:

Kinder Ninja’s 3.5-5 years old.
Tiny Tigers 5-7 years old.
Juniors 8-12 years old.

You will be happy to see how Karate helps your child in so many ways.

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your child progress. As a parent, your child’s achievements are your achievements too.

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A very professional and excellently run dojo. From the first class Sensei’s to the large mat area, gym and outstanding facilities. Members are very friendly with a great community feel. My son & I highly recommend it for all ages.



So, You Are Probably Thinking Why You Should Try The Karate Training At Newcastle Karate

Kids Karate Newcastle Karate Cardiff

Here’s what your child will get from training Karate with us:

  • Improved Learning Outcomes

Learning karate contributes to an improvement in learning outcomes across all key learning areas (KLA’s) as students are required to demonstrate self-discipline, focus and the ability to follow explicit instructions. The holistic nature of this program assists in achieving clarity of the mind, hence the link between practising karate and improving learning outcomes.

  • Amazing Self-Control

The Newcastle Karate program focuses on teaching students the importance of self-discipline to control their actions at all times. They learn to control their body, as well as their words and tonality.

  • Increased Confidence

For some children, self-confidence does not come easily. The Newcastle Karate program aims to improve students self-confidence via encouragement, positive reinforcement and individual recognition when they achieve each grading goal. Newcastle Karate teaches students how to avoid conflict. However, students gain confidence knowing they can defend themselves if under attack, but only as a last resort.

  • Have Fun

Newcastle Karate lessons are exciting and enjoyable for children, whether they be athletic, energetic, awkward or shy. Karate classes are engaging for all children.

  • Improved Body Coordination

Karate challenges the entire body, developing power, coordination, balance and agility. These are something not often found in other sports available to children in this age group.

  • A Positive State Of Mind

The encouraging coaches, instructors, parents and students at Newcastle Karate form a circle of confidants that helps ensure your child has the support needed. We will bring out the best in your child and push your child higher. The friendly and family-oriented environment keeps your child at a positive state of mind.

  • Brushed Up Social Skills

Your child will learn to interact with different people at such a young age.

  • Improved Physical Health

The physical workout from Karate training helps your child become fit and active while having fun.

  • Functional & Practical Skills

Newcastle Karate delivers a functional program with defensive applications against the various “Habitual Acts of Physical Violence.” Programs are application based and functional unrestricted by rule-bound competition. Skills taught have been pressured tested so you can be sure that what you learn is an effective form of self-defence. We practice in a respected and friendly environment.

  • Extra Support

Newcastle Karate also offers members online videos and training criteria sheets in assisting each student reach their potential, be it self-defence, flexibility, confidence, coordination, and fitness. Our great supporting family atmosphere is one of the keys to Newcastle Karate’s success.

  • Recognition of the Previous Ranking

If you have previous rankings in another recognised martial arts discipline and have the supporting documentation, we will recognise your previous training so that you can continue what you have started, no wasted effort and time.

  • Application Based Curriculum

Newcastle Karate practice an application based curriculum. Methods taught are kicking, punching, strangulation, choking, joint locking, grappling and pressure point manipulation. A systematized way of teaching for children and adults, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honouring both the culture from which it came and the masters who pioneered its practice.

Whether your focus is your child’s confidence, self-discipline, exercise, self-control or anti-bullying skills, we can work together.

Let your child develop values and character needed later in adult life.

Let the Karate training at Newcastle Karate bring you comfort knowing that your child is well-guided and pushed to become better in a safe environment.


Kinder Ninja

Tiny Tigers Class in action! (Ages 5-7)

Juniors class in action! (Ages 8-12)


What Parents Are Saying About Newcastle Kids Karate Program?




A very professional and excellently run dojo. From the first class Sensei’s to the large mat area, gym and outstanding facilities. Members are very friendly with a great community feel. My son & I highly recommend it for all ages.



My son is really enjoying Newcastle Karate. The trial sessions were a great opportunity to see if he liked it and now he goes 3 days a week. He loves training, sparring, learning new skills and developing his technique. The senseis are welcoming and supportive, and he would go everyday if he could :)

K R ,

An excellent dojo. All the Senseis are very knowledgeable, patient and caring with the kids. My son’s confidence has grown immensely, as well as his dedication to his fitness and his gradings. He loves it !!

Naomi G ,

Newcastle Karate came recommended to me and we are so pleased we enrolled our kids there. They have been training under Sensei Marc and the team for a number of years now and the growth in their skill and confidence has been great to watch. 100% recommended.

Rowan ,

I recently wrote to Sensei Mark and his team to thank them for how they teach, help and assist my twin grandsons who have a disability. I was very impressed with Sensei Mark and his team because they teach in such an inclusive way, make adaptions for my grandsons disabilities and help them to maximize their abilities. What impresses me most about Sensei Mark and team is their ability to reach out to everyone and present this Dojo as a place of learning and personal growth. A warm place to be!

Lindsay ,

My son has been attending Newcastle Karate's kindy ninja classes since he was 3 and a half. It has been such a great experience, he has learnt and grown so much in the last 18 months and the sensei and all the staff have been so supportive, patient and amazing. Highly recommend 😊

Katelyn ,

Where is Newcastle Karate?

Unit D 77, Munibung Rd., Cardiff, 2285, NSW, Australia

0411 669 669

Open from 4pm Monday to Friday

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