Juniors Classes

Our children's classes have four to six black belt instructors on the floor in each and every class.

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A-Class training facility

Newcastle Karate is a full time martial arts studio with over 500m2 in training space which is completely matted out with high quality training mats for optimum safety.

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Ladies kickboxing

The class program changes every week to keep you on your toes but at the same time develops some really useful skills such as self defence and self defence awareness.

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Parents, you'll love it too!

"I just wanted to take a moment to say how much my son, Thomas, and I are enjoying training at Newcastle Karate!"

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Function before fantasy

Real skills that have been pressured tested so you can be sure you what your learning is an effective form of fighting. All practicing in respected friendly environment.

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A home for everyone

The centre is family orientated, community focused training centre where everyone is looked after and everyone has a place.

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I couldnt give a bigger wrap to this well run martial arts facility . I have two young boys who train once a week, the growth and skills they have learned in a year has made me one proud dad. Excellent skilled trainers to student ratio. I have been a student in the adults karate class with only due to work commitments i have regrettably had to put a hold on my classes which was not an issue. This form of karate was more practical than i imagined, techniques and training which relate to the real world in my opinion. Physically challenging, yes, confidence building, yes. As a current serving police officer i certainly found this form of martial arts to be superior to any physical training i have received in the force. Can only say get the family or yourselves down for a go you will not regret it.

Police officer

I have been training here 4 about 6mths now... Let me start by saying 4 the 1st few mths I was lucky 2 keep up in the 10min warm up... I'm a 37 year old mother of 3 who now can punch, kick & do drills like I never imaged I could be doin... Not only is this a great fitness workout but I have learnt real skills & techniques... Plus having fun... I'm not a gym junkie but like 2 keep active but could never find the time... it's an hour a week 4 me only... Find the time... Give it a go! I love it & recommend any ladies out there 2 just come along & give it a go... Member 4 life!

Ladies Kickboxing Member

Amazing gym. Heaps of space, excellent gear and very clean. Real pride taken in this gym and the upbeat vibe reflects it. Tried my first mma class with Fabricio Pereira today, can't speak highly enough of him as a coach. Will be back for his speciality- the Brazilian jiu jitsu class! After seeing the karate instructors and little ones in action today, I will also be enrolling my daughter in the karate classes.


I have been under a deep positive impression since I first entered the club's dojo in March. Everything has a touch of taste, care and love. The training area, toilets, changing places are clean, everything is very well arranged, there is so much space and "clear air", I breathe so well here, it's really pleasant to train. Sensei Marc is a real magnet to attract people to his school, a man with a heart of gold. I train with the BJJ group under a great coach Fabricio Pereira and I am in the middle of my best martial arts journey here. I just don't have enough words to express my gratitude.

Vadim Butov
Adventist church pastor

Jack my son had just finished training when he said thanks dad for always taking him . I said thats ok mate you must really want to be a black belt if you train four times a week and he replied to me no dad i want to be a sensei so i to can help train other kids like me.It was this moment i had relised my son had become part of the Newcastle Karate family. I would like to thank sensei Mark and his team for not only being great instructors but also for being the greatest role models in the community .What you guys do for these kids is awesome you teach them self confidence ,belief and respect for themselves and others and that hard work and commitment will bring rewards .I love watching my son grow with the belief and self discipline you have instilled in him. The day Jack receives his black belt will no doubt bring a tear to my eye but i will know the day he put on a white belt and went to Newcastle Karate to train was his greatest achievement.

Jamie Harrold
Very happy Dad

A big thanks to Marc and Shane for an awesome introduction to kickboxing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I've attended and look forward to returning in the future. The ladies only kickboxing class is a great environment in which to learn new skills as a beginner. It really gets the heart and spirit pumping! It offers an effective, challenging and really fun way to exercise the body and mind, increasing fitness and confidence.


Just wanted to acknowledge and say a big thank you to sensai Marc and his staff for running such an organised and professional karate class. Our son Byron joined Newcaslte Karate some months ago and trains twice a week. Not only are we seeing a change in his self confidence but also his teachers have noticed a significent growth in this area. When making choices about the type of activity you want your child to participate in away from school you want somewhere that will engage them so they enjoy the experience and want to return, encourage them to respect not only themselves but others and empower them with skills that enhance their self confidence. As their logo states Newcastle Karate encapulate these elements perfectly and I encourage all parents to make the time and book your child into a class.

Julie Billinghurst
Happy Parent

Awesome is how I would describe sensei Marc and Newcastle Karate. It has focussed attention from Sensei Marc and the team who are more than happy to impart their wisdom. It has a well rounded and diverse curriculum that is effective when it comes to anything more than scoring points in the ring. I have been training with Newcastle Karate for over 3yrs and have found my fitness and flexibility improve dramatically and on top of it all it is enjoyable and rewarding to attend Newcastle karate.

Hunter New England Health

Hi Marc I am writing to thank you for the team building experience that you facilitated for my operational team at Jemena. It was great to see the team working out of their comfort zone and in an environment that encouraged them to work together and build trust. An important part of the experience was to also get our people active and moving. The session worked brilliantly and was enjoyed by all team members. It was great to participate in a unique corporate team building program and I would highly recommend this to other companies. Once again thank you sensei Marc

Lisa Lett
Jemena Operations Manager - Hunter Region (Acting)

After training in Tae Kwon Do and receiving my 1st Dan Black Belt I found sadly I had lost my passion for martial arts with its point scoring style of sparring. At first I was apprehensive to begin a new style of martial arts believing I would be sent all the way back to square one with my training and I would find some adversity towards being a black belt from a different style. However these doubts were immediately dispelled within ten minutes of my first lesson. Newcastle Karate has a great team of friendly instructors and a community of students that provides support and encouragement to all who pass through its doors. Incorporating elements not just from Karate but other martial arts, students are provided with a diverse understanding of self defence, contact sparring and fundamental techniques with a noticeable improvement in fitness and flexibility. I also have joined their Ladies Only Kickboxing classes and have to say I've never had more fun in a sport before.

Tae Kwon Do black belt


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